The automats, Gavin Pryke’s emblematic project.

Story begins in 2015 with a series of 13 automatons for the Voyage à Nantes, on the theme of Sign Art. Following their success, they will be exhibited again each summer on Rue Maréchal Joffre (Nantes, FR) as part of the VAN, to the delight of tourists, Nantes residents and prams.


Initially intended for a few months’ exhibition, the automatons have stood the test of time and are now part of the city’s cultural heritage.

It is then that the IUT of Nantes and Gavin collaborate to modernise the mechanisms, ensure their durability and facilitate their maintenance. A great opportunity to develop the history of this couple who live in the era of time.
Raise your head and find Gavin Pryke’s automatons at the doors of the Talensac market from Tuesday to Sunday from 8am to 1pm.

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I am a Freelance Illustrator, Graphic Artist, scribbler, doodler and general maker & creater of creations.

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Phone: 0625 397 387