Welcome to my world of different types of work illustrations! Here, we will explore the various styles and techniques I used in commercial, comics, prints, and portraits. Each category offers its unique set of challenges, and artists must have different skills to create illustrations that are both appealing and effective.


Work illustration is a vast field that encompasses many different styles and techniques. Whether it’s commercial, comics, prints, or portraits illustration, each category requires a unique set of skills and expertise. We invite you to explore each category in more detail to discover the beauty and complexity of my work illustration.


Video from Pechakucha Vol.9, edition 2014

Why and how I became an Illustrator

How did that sweet innocent young lad with soft blonde hair do such a horrific drawing of his own mother? and why? let me explain… 

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I am a Freelance Illustrator, Graphic Artist, scribbler, doodler and general maker & creater of creations.

Where to find me

44400 Trentemoult
Phone: 0625 397 387